Our wonderful customers are the reason we're in business. Here are some of the great things they have said about us.

Mary Linn W., Nurse Practitioner
“I have been a customer of Jon’s since the time he first opened his single small shop on a Charlottesville side street over twenty years ago. He’s probably fitted me with ten different frames and at least fifteen different prescriptions. I don’t think I have always been the easiest customer to please. At one point I fussed about a particular lens coating and the Spectacle Shop removed it at no cost to me. On more than one occasion I have had difficulty adjusting to the prescription from my eye doctor, necessitating a couple of replacement lenses, also done willingly and without charge to me. I would never think of going anywhere else–have never even wandered into another optician’s–because they always take care of me. As long as I got eyeballs, I’m a customer.”

Nick N. – Photographer for National Geographic
“I just spent three months in Chad trying to do this project on elephants that are getting killed by poachers and stuff like that, and I got myself into some trouble with some elephants and they charged me. I had to throw my glasses down and run away. The elephants didn’t actually crush them, but they did a little damage to them and I sent an e-mail to my friend Jon at the Spectacle Shop and he found glasses to replace them. Jon always takes care of me.”

Rob P.
“I was visiting family for a wedding and lost a nose pad to my glasses. I stopped in when walking along Main St. and was greeted by Robyn. She replaced the pads and cleaned the glasses for me at no cost. All around great customer service.”

Antonio R.
“I shop at the Spectacle Shop for lots of different reasons. Number one is that – first and foremost – they take very good care of you. That’s the bottom line, there. However, their selection is incredible! I currently own a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses, and I also own a pair of Oakley sunglasses. The first reason for going with the Oakley’s is that I’m very active. I ride my mountain bike, I’m chasing around a sixteen-month old, and I play basketball, sports and all that good stuff, and the Oakley’s seem to hold up and do a good job for me. And then, there are the times that I need to be “cool”… and the Maui Jim’s come through for me loud and clear.”